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Date : October 14, 2016

Just to let you know, there is a YouTube channel set up to encapsulate my work as a composer and musician, plus showcase parts of the composition process. There’s exclusive footage of studio sessions, explorations of studio gear, footage of my performances with artists such as Van Morrison, and excerpts from the films I have scored. Just head to the Chris White Music channel on YouTube and subscribe to keep receiving the latest films in your YouTube stream.


Who’s next?

Date : September 28, 2016

A World Without Down’s Syndrome?

On the 5th of October, the BBC is broadcasting a documentary I scored recently that explores issues raised by a new screening procedure that is incredibly accurate in predicting whether your unborn child will have Downs Syndrome. Iceland, the country, have instigated the technique across its population and have effectively bred out Downs Syndrome.  (more…)


Date : August 22, 2016

Currently in the studio working with Dirk Campbell for my latest film project.  Dirk is performing on a Nyatiti – the Kenyan instrument that can be compared most closely to a lyre.  Nyatiti players are hard to find in the UK so glad Dirk found time to help me conjure up rural Kenya.

New Album: Muteg

Date : February 3, 2016
An album of works for piano composed by Chris White.

Performed by Lorna Krier.

Recorded by Aaron Nevezie at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Piano: 1969 Steinway M grand piano.

Close microphones: U87
Outer microphones: UM17
Room microphones: MK012.

Reverb was added using a Bricasti M7 set to Large Wooden Room.

Mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering UK.

An Australian Sunrise

Date : December 31, 2015

A jetlagged early morning on a recent trip to the southern hemisphere.

Music: Limerence from my 2016 album Muteg.

Muteg – new album.

Date : December 18, 2015

A trailer for an upcoming album being released in the new year.  Muteg is a collection of works for solo piano composed by Chris White and performed by Lorna Krier.