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La Planète Encore

Date : November 14, 2010

Told in 3D CG animation, La Planete Encore is a timeless fable about two journeymen, Stel and Atan, whose arrival on a desert planet, guided by a calling force, will lead to the rebirth of nature through a cosmic experience. Based on the graphic-novel series “The World of Edena” by the legendary comic artist Moebius, La Planete Encore is a poetic environmentally conscious homage to the healing power of all mankind.  Directed by Moebius and Geoffrey Nicquet, it was an honour to be involved with this beautiful film.

Between now and the 13th of March, you can see the film and catch the related exhibition at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris. (Facebook link)

milk teeth in sydney

Date : May 10, 2010

Our film Milk Teeth, directed by Tibor Banoczki, is to be shown in Sydney at the Biennale.

For the 17th Biennale of Sydney’s Wunderkammer Portable are presenting a grab-bag multiplicity of sights and sounds that brings together animations, experimental works, music videos, and narratives from all over the world in the service of asking the question: in the combination of technology, influence and imagination – are there new ways of looking at images?.

The film will be screening within a space called SuperDeluxe, an experimental pop up venue, starting on the 20th May.

new feature nearing completion

Date : May 8, 2010

Leila, the new feature directed by Lesley Manning (POV, The Agent, Ghostwatch) with Lee Boardman (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Rome, Longford) and Chloë Annett (Red Dwarf, Casualty) is steadily nearing completion.  The music’s finished and we’ll be in the dub very soon.  Stay tuned for more info…

give it in

Date : February 23, 2010

Just wanted to upload a preview track from last years Thugspasm album recorded at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn with Aaron, Dave and John.  Here’s Give It In:

Give It In by Thugspasm

ahead in london

Date : January 22, 2010

AK Dolven: The Day the Sky Became My Ground
[press release]

AK Dolven’s show at the Wilkinson Gallery opened last night.  One work it features is the installation Ahead (pictured) for which I did the sound design.  I can’t recommend going to view this show enough – get to Hackney, grab a blanket and enjoy.

You can get to Vyner St by going to Bethnal Green Tube, then it’s a 10 minute walk up Cambridge Heath Road.